How To Make Your Kids’ Homework Interesting

Living in this advanced and technological world, it is an extremely hard task to make your child sit still for homework. No child likes to do homework when instead they could be watching their favorite cartoon or movie, or playing the new video game. But education comes first and so homework is an absolute necessity […]


15th October, Global Handwashing Day

The laziest job for kids is to wash their hands even if they are dirty. Isn’t it?  Your kids never bothered to wash hands after playing with your toys, before eating your favorite meals and while enjoying the pleasurable pastimes. It is a sad fact that our children have never been told the importance of […]


The Real Meaning Of Sacrifice

Once upon a time in a far off land lived a pious man named Abraham. He believed in one true God and worshiped Him day and night. One day when Abraham was asleep, he saw a dream, a strange and terrible dream, which made him shiver. When he woke up, he became very anxious but […]

pokemon 2

Negative effects of POKEMON GO

2016’s favorite application which has over 21 million active users and 30-35million downloads already! Yes, you know what I’m talking about…POKEMON GO! It might sound exciting and amusing to you all but it’s having a negative impact on the upcoming generation. The positive thing however; lazy teens or children who don’t want to get out […]


Around The World In 80 Sentences

Summer is here and summer means vacation, travelling with the little ones can be a hassle. If you have the right plan and the right destination, you’re good to go. We all know about planning and everything, but when you travel with kids you need to specifically pick out places that you can visit with […]

Kids Movies

8 Movies that you Must Watch with Your Children

Some of us are mostly looking for appropriate movies for our children, trying to figure out which ones they should be watching. While the rest of us worry over the mere fact that if kids watch too much TV it can have a negative effect on them. Movies can surprisingly have a good outcome. Some […]

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Activities to keep your kids going

As a parent we want our children to stay engaged in healthy activities. Along with that, we want to keep them amused and cheered up. How? Through engaging them in things they love doing. What are those activities, you ask? Here are ten ways that’ll help keep your kids busy; IT’S COOKING TIME!        Almost […]


Fun with food!

  Making healthy food look tempting is probably the most difficult task for a parent, but there are definitely many ways that could be possible…Trying to make your child eat healthy food is like punching yourself in the gut, because we all know who’s going to win and it isn’t you. Children are often smarter […]


5 Must read books for your children

In today’s time every individual’s life revolves around; mobile phones, tablets, laptops…but, instead of influencing children with electronics, parents should put a better option in front of them, wondering what? Books! Childhood doesn’t last forever; so instead of introducing more gadgets in your child’s life introduce them to books. Childhood is all about making memories and at […]